Heart 2 Heart: Network 1:27 Campaign

Abilene, Texas(KRBC)-A group of PR students at ACU have debuted their unique campaign to encourage people to foster and adopt.

"A child is worth more than a stack of papers so that pushed us more towards a hard hitting campaign so we came up up with the idea i'm more than my file," said ACU senior Taylor Bush.

A hard hitting campaign put together by college students.

"We were working with Network 1:27, which is a foster care and adoption network for organizations across the United States, and our job was to help them re-brand and establish a fresh website and also a national campaign," said ACU senior Audrey Trevino.

The result of their work:

"I think we're so  excited about it! Everyone responded so well. We thought that it was intriguing and empowering to the organizations so they can feel confident using these," said Trevino.

ACU's Morris and Mitchell PR group feels the new website and commercial they put together will inspire and chaneg the way people view foster care and adoption.

"It's a call to action and so we hope that anybody that would look at that ad would be like wow I can do it, I can be a part of this change and I think that was the main purpose of our goal," said Trevino.

The overall goal is simple:

"I think the difference will be made if one child gets adopted or brought into foster care or brought into foster care," said Bush.

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