HEART TO HEART: A family of four becomes the fab five


TAYLOR COUNTY, Texas (KRBC) - In November of 1984, the first National Adoption Week was proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan and about a decade later, President Bill Clinton expanded the week to cover the entire month.

Now, National Adoption Month has been promoted across the country for more than two decades, drawing eyes, ears and hearts to foster care, kinship care and adoptive family groups.Those of us at KRBC are celebrating too!        

Among the thirteen kids who went home to permanent families, Riley Henderson was one of them!

"We are adopting our little Christmas miracle," new adoptive parent, Jason Henderson said. "We get to make it official and he becomes apart of our family."

It became set in stone in front of hundreds, as their family of four, became a family of five!

"Riley came into our lives about a year ago. He's been in the foster system since he was born. He's 21 months old now, Henderson said.

The family was among thirteen other families who finalized adoption papers at the Taylor County Courthouse on National Adoption Day.

"Having him around the holidays is just an added blessing to us. We started this process hoping to really impact the life of a child in need and come to find out, he's really transformed our family in a more positive way than we could have expected," Henderson said.

Keeley Mcbee is the community engagement specialist at Pathways Youth and Family Services, who said even though a lot of adoptions take place for National Adoption Month, it is important to think about fostering this time of year.

"We have a lot of adoptions that go on in November which is really exciting," McBee said. "It's a great time for people to get involved to become foster parents. We don't see a lot of people starting to become foster parents during this time, just because there's a lot of paper work that goes into it. It's about a four to five month process to get approved."

She said it is easy to get caught in the holiday craze but to remember the kids who may not have a family to celebrate with.

"We definitely need people to keep thinking about becoming foster parents and maybe even making that they're New Year's Resolution," McBee said.

As for the Hendersons, they are just looking forward to no more paper work!

"We can do whatever we'd like. Like, if we want to go out of town, we can go out of town and not clear it. We just get to enjoy him! We just get to enjoy him as our own," Brandy Henderson said.

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