HEART TO HEART: Adopting Teens


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Child protective services in our region has been struggling to find enough foster and adoptive homes. They have been reaching out to the community to get the word out.
When searching for an addition for your family, Amy Elizondo with CPS explained that it is important to keep teenagers in mind.
Turning a year older is something we all can celebrate because it is another milestone.
Sixteen-year-old Kassie is going on seventeen and her only birthday wish is to find a loving family.
"No one who is judgmental, loving, kind. I don't care if they're purple, pink, orange. I don't care if they're the same sex. They're still family to me and as long as they love me for me, I'm fine with it," Kassie said.
Kassie is fun-loving, has a passion for helping others and enjoys science.
"I've always had a passion for it when I was younger and I still do now. I wanted to be a forensic scientist," she said.
She said she is one of five kids who have now been separated due to the foster care system.
"I like to do a lot of things. I just haven't been able to do some things that I wanted to do. Sometimes, I've been either moved around too much," she said.
CPS adoption supervisor, Amy Elizondo, sees the potential of Kassie's future and only wants the best for her.
"Kassie is sweet and smart. She has a big heart as well. Kassie has been through a lot. She has a baby brother that is also in foster care. Unfortunately, they couldn't be adopted together," Elizondo said.
Elizondo hopes families who are looking to adopt take teenagers into consideration. 
"It's very important to give teenagers a chance. These children have been through the system sometimes for several years," she said.
She said these kids have been through a lot and need homes and parents willing to give them unconditional love and support.
They've experienced some things that we really only see on the news. So, they really need a family that's going to commit to them and give them that second opportunity to have that family, just like we all need a family," Elizondo said.
If you would like to learn more about or meet Kassie, you can call Abilene CPS at  (325) 691-8100.

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