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Heart to Heart: Adopting through CPS much cheaper than private agencies

Texas DFPS states that, 215 children are waiting to be adopted, in region 2.

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Many people have a misconception on the price of adopting, however, let it be known that adopting through is actually a lot cheaper than adopting through a private agency.

The Texas Department of Family Services (DFPS) states that, 215 children are waiting to be adopted, here in the region two. This is based off of fiscal year of 2016-2017 ending on August 31.

"A lot of people get very intimidated. They think that adoption costs a lot but they're usually talking about private adoption," Amy Elizondo said, who is an adoption negotiator for the DFPS.

Private adoption agencies allow the birth mother of the child to make the decision to create an adoption plan and voluntarily release her parental rights.

"When you're adopting a child from foster care, it's much more affordable," Elizondo said.

With public agency adoptions, a child is actually removed from his or her family because of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

The goal is to reunify the child with their birth parents or relatives but if this is not possible, they are placed in foster care for other families to adopt.

"Most families don't pay anything or you may pay a couple thousand dollars in attorney fees in a lot situations, certain qualify for an adoption subsidy, where the state actually helps pay for their care until they turn 18 or 21 years old," Elizondo said.

She explains most of the children being adopted through CPS are actually qualified for subsidies which will make it cheaper to adopt them.

"A large number of the children qualify for subsidy, where we actually pay you up to $1,200 back for each child you adopt," Elizondo said.

She said you will also need an attorney but DFPS will direct you to local ones in the area. Those who plan to adopt can expect to pay about $3,500 per child.

To get licensed, Elizondo said you are also looking at other minimal costs like FBI background checks, in which parents are expected to pay for. This ranges around $40 to $50. In order to be an adoptive parent, you must be certified.

"They will license your family. You'll do a home study, background checks and they'll get to know you. Then once you're licensed, you'll work with that agency and CPS. We'll match you with a child that's ideal for your family and your family's ideal for that child," Elizondo said.

Regardless, she said to not be intimidated by the cost because there's always a way to pay less.

"If you're interested in adopting, take that leap of faith, find out, go to some of our informational meetings and just test it out and see, I mean maybe there's a reason you're being called to that," she said.

DFPS works with numerous adoption agencies like, Christian Homes and Family Services, Pathways Youth and Family Services, New Horizons Inc., Method Children's Home and Arrow Child and Family Ministries, in Brownwood.

For more information on the cost of adopting through CPS, contact the local office of the Texas Department of Family Protective Services at (325) 691-8100.

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