HEART TO HEART: Adrian and Mirayah


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Child Protective Services Adoption units in Region 2, is helping children in foster care prepare for adoption, in an effort to help the children express their feelings and past history.

This weekend, they learned team-building exercises and how to move forward in life and expressing what they would like in a new family.

Among the children there were 12-year-old Mirayah and 9-year-old Adrian. The two siblings are very close.

"I really want them to show love and be joyful and actually care for  us," Mirayah said. "I want to, like, have fun with them and play with them."

Every child simply wants to be immersed in love and that is the only thing Mirayah and Adrian hope to one day have.

"We are biological brother and sister. We've been through a lot of stuff with each other and we love each other so much," Mirayah said. "I hope to get adopted soon."
The two have made it clear that they hope to be adopted together.

CPS Adoption Supervisor, Amy Elizondo said despite their troubled past, the two will bring joy into any home.

"Adrian and Mirayah are super sweet group of kids. They're very bonded to each other. They need a family that's going to recognize their own individual personalities but make sure that their bond is something that they're going to support and help keep in tact," Elizondo said.

Elizondo said it is very important for those looking to adopt. and to keep siblings together.

"In foster care, they've already lost so much that's important to them. Many times, all they have left is each other so we really need to respect that and honor those children and their relationship with their siblings," Elizondo said.

She said the two are a bit timid, as any child from an unstable home would be, so Mirayah and Adrian will need a gentle and patient home.

"Mirayah is very active. She loves to do gymnastics and she's going to be all over your home making sure that you're giving her lots of attention," Elizondo said. "Adrian is a little bit more reserved so he needs a family that's going to recognize that and bring out that fun-loving kid in him that we all know is there."
If you would like to learn more about or meet Adrian and Mirayah, please call Abilene CPS at  (325) 691-8100.

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