Heart to Heart: Audrey Grace House

A place to celebrate being a kid for kids who may have never been celebrated before.

"Audrey Grace is a home for kids five to 17 who have been removed from their original home, usually due to physical or sexual abuse and a lot of times they just need a place to come and be a kid again," said Hannah Wiginton.

Audrey Grace House provides extra love and care for these kids to help them not be set back by their pasts.

"When they live with us we just work on helping them kind of get over that trauma of abuse and they're still dealing with a lot of issues related to that, so just trying to help them work through that and to become just a kid again," said Wiginton.

The home provides plenty to do for the 30 boys and girls who pass through.

"We have one on one therapy with the kids. They live here for about a year. We do recreational activities with them, we take them swimming, we play basketball, we go to the gym," said Wiginton.

The Audrey Grace House is always in need and accepting donations to help them provide for the children they help raise.

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