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HEART TO HEART: Big Country mother helps foster families with transition


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Many parents who want to foster or adopt have a hard time trying to find the right time to adopt, but one Big Country family said there never really is a "right time".
Sometimes you just gotta take the plunge!
Klien and her husband started the foster to adoption process in 2014.
To ease foster parents into the journey with their foster kids, they have created a Facebook group called "Agape Arrows."
"We call it our chaos and we love our chaos and we don't know what we'll do without it," creator of Agape Arrows, Candiauce Klien said.
Klien and her husband knew they wanted to start their foster journey long before they met.
"When we were dating, we both talked about adoption and our hearts for adoption, whether we had our own children or not," Klien said.

She said before they were even licensed, they were approached about an independent adoption. They got a chance to watch their sweet, adopted baby's birth in January 2015.
The two still wanted to foster and support reunification, if possible. If that was not something feasible, they still had their hearts open for children needing a home, temporary or permanently.
They have had one more adoption since then, Klien said they have fostered numerous children that have been able to reunite with family.
Fast-forward to now and the two have a full house.
"We have six kids running around the house right now. Two are biologically ours. We have adopted two since then and we have two foster babies right now," Klien said.
Klien said she understands the need for fostering and adopting in the region.
"These kids, when they are taken, sometimes they are taken with nothing and so they go to the foster agencies and they wait, and while they are there, they are already feeling uncomfortable, they are already feeling vulnerable, you want them distracted as much as possible to get their mind off of things, to help them kind of cope with the situation they are in," Klien said. "We still fill the needs there and as long as God is calling us to do this journey, we're going to follow his plans."
So, she created a Facebook group called Agape Arrows, where she helps to generate donations for local adoption agencies.
"We donate toys, books, snacks are a huge need. Sometimes even meals because if they get taken at dinner time, that's kind of devastating, so they're hungry," Klien said.
She said it is especially difficult when adopting siblings.
"Most foster families will take both if they have room. At the very beginning, placement, it's hard, you don't want to have to tote this new little guy around all over town to get everything they need," Klien said.
Klien hopes the Big Country as a whole can embrace the fostering community any way they can.
"Not everybody is called to do that but everybody is called to help their brethren. Whether it be becoming a respite care provider to babysit the foster families or to just provide monetary donations, it's all part of the community of fostering," Klien said.
If you wish to donate items to Agape Arrows, click here.

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