Heart to Heart: Casa Superhero Run

An organization that ensures every child in the foster system has a hero. A casa is a court appointed special advocate who helps with where a child is placed, as well as supports them in day to day life.

"Our poor case workers are so busy and have so many kids, they can't always be right there, right at that minute. But with a casa, you have someone that if you feel like their needs aren't being addressed, there's someone you can talk to, there's someone you can go to that you know is going to be there to help," said Janet Ardoyno, a casa board member.

How can you support casa?

"There are so many people who would love to be foster parents but can't and they can be a casa, it takes about 15 hours a month and that's just visiting with people and writing your report for court," said Ardoyno.

If you don't have the time to become a casa, there are still ways to support the organization.

"We're having our very first fundraiser ever for casa, and it's going to be a fun run and it's a super hero fun run because every child need a hero but abused children need superheroes," said Ardoyno.

You can register for the run on the big country casa website.

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