Heart to Heart: Casa

Janet Ardoyno became involved in Casa before she knew how much it would affect her family.

"My own children became foster parents and my son and his wife have three children who came from foster care that are now adopted and my daughter and her husband have had two from foster care and are about to adopt one. So now it's very personal to me because they have had casas," said Janet Ardoyno, a board member for Casa.

What is Casa?

"Casa really is a person who stands by a child that's neglected or abused and helps them through the difficult court system and things in foster care," said Ardoyno.

Ardoyno has experienced first hand how connected a casa and their child are with her youngest grand baby.

"He had been in five foster care homes and when they dropped him off, the case workers really did not know his schedule and here was a five month baby and we didn't know about pacifiers or anything and the Casa called up the next day, but she knew exactly what kind of pacifier that baby needed and she drove down to Abilene to bring that," said Ardoyno.

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