Heart to Heart: Eleven-year-old Levi is your typical boy

"He's a Texas boy all the way and we have to find a Texas family for him!"

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - If you have ever looked at the process for adopting, you find that the process is quite expensive but adopting from Child Protective Services is definitely a lot cheaper.

In this week's Heart to Heart, we introduce you to an Abilene fifth grader who has everything a kid needs; a roof over his head and case workers who care for him, but he is lacking one thing: a permanent family.

"You'll see the best in Levi when he is busy and when he's entertained," DFPS Adoption Supervisor Amy Elizondo said.

Eleven-year-old Levi is your typical boy.

"He's all about being outside. He loves the outdoors. He loves anything hunting, fishing, animals. Really sweet kid, lots of energy and always on the go," Elizondo said.

He loves to play any sport you can think of.

"I like to play basketball, football, baseball, soccer and I like to climb trees," Levi said.

He's also really big on fishing and hunting. The fifth grader works hard, but it did not come easy.

"I started off with a rough year, but it smoothened out. My favorite subject is science and we do a lot of experiments and stuff like that," Levi said.

Now he is ready to take on the next challenge in finding a permanent family.

"Levi has been matched with a couple different adoption families and for one reason or another, it didn't work out. His biggest thing is, Levi has a lot of connections to different family members, here in Texas that he really wants to maintain that kind of contact," Elizondo said. "He's a Texas boy all the way and we have to find a Texas family for him!"

Amy Elizondo is an adoption negotiator for the Texas Department of Family Services (DFPS) in region II. She said Levi is a sweet kid who only wants to be immersed in love.

"Once he knows you're all in, he's going to reward you with a lot of love and attention and trust right back. So, you're really going to get that special boy that maybe you've been hoping to add to your family," Elizondo said.

Especially the kind of family who is all about Texas.

"A family that owns a ranch or property and they take care of animals and livestock, or maybe one that's involved in equine business would be great for Levi. He loves to hunt, he loves to go fishing, so a family that's really going to be active and keep him busy is going to be best for him," Elizondo said.

Whoever the family may be, she she hopes they understand Levi is a working progress but the reward will overcompensate.

"Recognize that there are some barriers with any child, but you really will be rewarded if you can stick it out and recognize the trauma and their history to overcome those things with them," Elizondo said.

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