Heart to Heart: Harmony Family Services

A home away from home...

"They can come to the shelter 24 hours a day and we can provide that care for them," said Harmony Family Services Executive Director Jamie Breed.

For kids who desperately need it

"We provide an emergency shelter for children ages 5-17. These are children largely who have been placed here by child protective services. Children are placed here for protective reasons or they've been in a placement that's been disrupted and they just need a temporary placement until they can go where they need to go," said Breed.

Lately, Harmony Family Services is a service many children desperately need.

"Unfortunately, there are many children that do need our care. We need foster homes for children that have been abused or neglected and have been removed from their homes. Abilene and this region, we are seriously trying to recruit more foster homes to increase our capacity," said Breed.

What can you do to help?

"We have a web page that we encourage people to check out. It's called fosteringbigcountrykids.com and we also have a Facebook page Fostering Big Country Kids," said Breed.

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