Heart to Heart: Methodist Children's Home

For over one hundred years...

"Our program has been around since 1890, so just a little while," said Megan Harbin.

Methodist Children's Home has been placing children with forever and foster families.

"We license foster homes in and around Abilene," said Harbin.

And right now more than ever, Methodist Children's Home needs families to be a part of their foster program.

"There's such crisis right now in Texas and in Abilene. I've been doing this a long time and this is the worst I've ever seen it. Unfortunately there are too many kids staying in offices and not enough homes to keep kids in their home communities, so we just need to recruit more homes so we can keep kids in Taylor county so they can stay in their home or in their community," said Harbin.

Why is it important to keep children with their community.

"It's really important that if they have to be removed from their family at least they can have some of those same ties as far as in their community," said Harbin.

Methodist Children's Home helps train families interested in fostering right here in Abilene.

"The state requires that you be 21 years of age, that you be financially stable and mature, you have to have reliable transportation, you have to have extra space to accommodate an extra child, and really you just have to be able to open your home and heart and go through the requirements," said Harbin.

Despite all of the work to qualify,

"There's a lot of training but it's there to prepare you for the types of children you'll be working with," said Harbin.

Harbin assures families that it's all worth it.

"I try to remind families no matter how long a child is in your home, you have made a positive impact in their lives," said Harbin.

And that positive impact is exactly what children need here in Taylor county.

"When there's not a family in Taylor county they have to look at placing that child elsewhere and sometimes that can be as far as Houston or San Antonio," said Harbin.

If you are interested in fostering, an informational meeting is held the first Thursday of every month at St. James Methodist at 5:30 p.m.

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