Heart to Heart: The Brooks Family

They say twins are double the trouble

"There's a lot of chaos but it's good chaos," said Steve Brooks.

But that did not stop the Brooks family from saying yes to Sadie and Simon.

"We did not want them to go through the trauma of being separated so we are going to adopt them," said Steve.

The Brooks family met the twins through fostering.

"We have fostered now for four years," said Alayna Brooks.

"It's something my wife has wanted to do for a long time, even when she was a young person and as Joey, our youngest, got older, we felt like it was time  to start pursuing that so we went through all the training that was very long and arduous and we got through that and started fostering," said Steve.

These foster children and now adopted twins are on top of an already large family.

"We have four biological kids that are 10, 12, 14, and 16," said Alayna.

But the Brooks family felt like they had room in their home and hearts for more children.

"We've got more love to share," said Steve.

Now Steve and Alayna are having to relearn what it's like to have a baby in the house.

"It's almost like we get to be parents all over again," said Steve.

But this time around they have help.

"Feed them, burp them, play with them," said Joey Brooks.

And despite the hard work put in by the whole family

"We love it and it's hard at the same time," said Alayna.

The family couldn't more thrilled about their newest additions.

"Getting to know that they're going to be our new brother and sister seems pretty fun," said Lily Grace Brooks.

Because to the Brooks family, adoption and fostering is a ministry.

"All these children are precious and deserve a loving family and there's just not enough," said Steve.

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