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Hog wild: Why feral hogs are moving closer to Abilene

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - It's the video that has thousands of you talking, feral hogs running down Buffalo Gap Road in Abilene, probably up to no good. We may never know where these hgs are going, but we do have some evidence of where they've been, and why they're in town.

Shawn McDonald, owner of Salt Fork Ranch is something of an expert on hogs. He says that development is moving closer to the hogs' territory, and their large numbers are explained by how quickly they can reproduce.

Dustin Kiser from Hamlin's H & K Kennels says, "I was shocked, but then again, I wasn't too surprised, because I've seen it before. But downtown Abilene, that's not usual."

Catclaw Drive is just north of where the hogs ran wild on Buffalo Gap, and that's where you can find evidence of hog activity. One yard has been torn apart by the rooting swine, and neighbors have reported seeing hogs late at night. The destructive nature of these hogs is something that has been seen time and again.

Justin Kiser, also of H & K Kennels says that he's seen it himself:  "One farmer called and he had fifty hay bales stacked up, and within two weeks they were all flat. They wrecked the hay bales."

That's why the H & K is in business. Justin says, "We do it not just for ourselves, to have fun, but for the farmers. They're very aggressive." He adds, "They could get after somebody. And they will get after somebody."

Dustin says that they aren't the only hog hunters around. There's no shortage of hogs, and no shortage of people working to keep their numbers down. Dustin says he knows a ground in Haskell "that fly in helicopters and shoot them. They'll shoot five hundred in a day."

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