Home Sales Up in Abilene

"I could not have imagined how empowering it was," said homeowner Sammi Jo Blue.

No, Sammi Jo isn't just talking about the empowerment of scraping ceilings: She's feeling empowered from her recent purchase of a home.

"This is something that I own. It's mine and I'm getting to be a part of it and that's not really something I was expecting. I was just ready to have my own space again," said Blue.

Sammi Jo is one of many Abilenians who decided to become a home owner in 2016.

"2016 was a record year and 2015 was a record year too both in Abilene and in Texas in home prices and in volume of sales," said realtor Steve Stovall.

What made Sammi Jo commit to buying instead of renting?

"I fell in love with my job. It's a great place slowly but surely just started to fall in love with Abilene and the next step that made sense was getting an apartment or buying a home," said Blue.

A move that realtor Steve Stovall says benefits the whole community.

"It's good for people to own homes, as a community. It helps people with the pride of ownership and it helps them personally because they're investing in something they own," said Stovall.

And it also benefits other home owners.

"I would say it's benefiting homeowners because a rise in prices is good over time. Real estate is a good investment and if buyers can get in at a low price  and stay there long enough to sell at a high price then  you're doing good," said Stovall.

And according to Sammi Jo, being one of the many people to buy a home in Abilene makes her feel more at home in the key city.

"I definitely feel like a much more permanent part of the community now," said Blue.

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