Know Your Neighbor: Luis Malave, RC Enthusiast

Abilene, Texas (KRBC) - Luis Malave moved to Abilene 24 years ago to serve at Dyess Air Force Base, but even when he retired, years later, his love of flying did not diminish. This led him to become an RC enthusiast.

"Flying has always been my passion, so being able to fly at least RC aircrafts is really, really thrilling," stated Luis.

He joined Abilene's RC society back in 2011 and has been flying happy and free ever since.

However, being an RC enthusiast is not just as simple as flying an RC aircraft which is not that simple either. The hobby also requires a decent degree of assembling. 

"You have to do the soldering, the building, the setup," Luis continued.

As well as the compiling, the attaching, the forming, and a whole list of other things.  

"So that's all part of the build process, and then you have to tune it for the flying."

There are dials that have to be tuned just so, and calibrations to be set just right. Then, of course, you have to learn how to fly the thing you've created. Which is extremely difficult.

"You're flying inverted, you're flying backwards, you're not flying your normal straight and level," Luis continued.

Luis explained that almost everyone he knows does their learning and practicing on a simulator.

"You want to practice on the simulator, do all your crashing there."

The cost of these aircrafts range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. So, with all the work this hobby requires, and risk it holds, what makes it really fun?

"Well it's fun because it's challenging."

And also because being an RC pilot means being part of a community.

"It's a family where you have fathers and sons coming out and flying together."

And it's a family that is growing each year as Abilene RC society members, like Luis, put work and love into the club.

"I'm the one that goes out and recruits the pilots and the sponsors."

More pilots and more sponsors and more members means more choppers and planes in the air, it means improvement to Seabee Park where the club meets, and it means even more fun at RC events.

"We just want to invite as much of the community to come out and join our club and come out and fly and have a great time," Luis finished.


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