Las Vegas massacre: Mountain of evidence emerges, but still no motive

(CNNEvery detail of this indiscriminate mass murder seemed meticulously planned.

The selection of a hotel room overlooking a massive music festival, days before the attack. The cache of 23 weapons inside the gunman's Las Vegas suite. And thousands of rounds of ammunition -- plus an ingredient used in explosives -- inside the killer's home and car.

Yet no one knows why Stephen Paddock morphed from a retired accountant to the deadliest mass murderer in modern US history. His relentless gunfire on country music fans at an outdoor concert left 59 people dead.

Why officials aren't calling this 'domestic terrorism'

Another 527 people are still trying to recover from injuries -- everything from gunshot wounds to stampede injuries suffered when 22,000 people tried to flee the gunman's aim.

So far, police believe Paddock acted alone -- which could make the motive harder to determine.

Latest developments

-- More than a dozen of the 59 people killed have been publicly identified. Among the latest: Stacee Etcheber of California; Christopher Roybal of Colorado; Hannah Ahlers of California; and Jordan McIldoon of British Columbia, Canada.

-- Las Vegas police will give a public update on the investigation at 1 p.m. (4 p.m. ET) Tuesday.

-- Authorities continued processing the scene of the killings Tuesday, where shoes and bags lay scattered.

-- Paddock bought multiple firearms in the past, but investigators believe the firearms were purchased legally, a law enforcement official said. The official said initial reports suggest at least one rifle was altered to function as an automatic weapon.

Running back into danger

The massacre started around 10 p.m. Sunday at the Route 91 Harvest festival, Los Angeles Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said.

Country singer Jason Aldean was on stage when bullets started raining onto the crowd.

"On the main floor ... there was no cover -- they were all exposed," survivor Dees Mansholt said. "So you didn't know if somebody was shot or if they were laying down."



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