Laundromat moving forward after loss of owner

BRECKENRIDGE, Texas (KTAB) - It's been eight months since the Amarillo wildfire that took the life of a beloved member of the Breckenridge community, 35 year old Sloan Everett. Sloan was one of three people killed trying to rescue cattle on a ranch in Amarillo.  His family is trying to keep both his business and his memory alive.

Sloan Everett was involved in many different things including ranching with his dad but he was looking for something to do on the side.  According to his sister, Rebecca Everett, he looked for what the community needed and decided to open Lone Star Laundry, the first full service laundromat in town.

According to his mom, Teresa Everett, Sloan meant everything to the business.

"It was his idea, his thought, his plan," Teresa said.

And Sloan had everything, with a wife and two kids. But in March, disaster struck when Sloan was trying to rescue cattle from a wildfire in Amarillo.  His wife was pregnant at the time with his third child.

"He was born in August," Teresa said. "And his name is Cody James."

Now the whole family is working to keep Lone Star Laundry and Sloan's legacy alive.

"Obviously it was just a scramble to figure out what needed to be done, what was being done, how did Sloan do things," Teresa said.

His sister Rebecca even moved back from College Station to help.

"Right now the most important thing I could be doing is helping my family," Rebecca said.

And while it has been a difficult eight months, Teresa said they are just trying to do, as a joint effort, what Sloan did by himself.

Family, friends, employees and customers celebrated the fourth year anniversary of Lone Star Laundry and it was bitter sweet being the first one without Sloan.





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