Legislative Bills Introduced to End Daylight Saving Time in Texas

Texans may not have to worry about "springing forward" and "falling back" for daylight saving time. Two bills filed this session aim to abolish the hourly time change.

Republican State Representatives Jason Isaac and Dan Flynn filed house bills "2400" and "95" to get rid of daylight saving time changes.

Isaac says numerous studies suggest the changes lead to an increase in car accidents and heart attacks because of losing an hour of sleep, and says simply put it "has become an annoyance" and "burden" to the state.

Democratic state senator Jose Menendez from San Antonio agrees. Menendez filed an identical bill to be heard in the upper chamber this session.

If the bills pass it would place Texas on central standard time year round, starting this November.

"For a lot of people, that one week when they lose that extra hour of sleep causes some physical issues, obviously we have all heard of the people getting late to work, getting late to school, but i think it also adds stress unnecessarily, Jose Menendez, State Senator, (D) San Antonio

Critics of the bills say ending daylight saving time would mean it would get darker earlier in the evening.
Mel Cunningham is a member of the group "Save Daylight Saving Time in Texas."

She argues that eliminating this extra light time at night would result in Texans using more energy year round.

A similar bill was introduced last legislative session but house members voted 56-79 to keep the time change.
Right now Hawaii and most of Arizona are the only states that don't observe the practice.



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