Levelland students said administrators banned them from painting mural to honor former student

LUBBOCK, Texas (EverythingLubbock.com) - Parents and students are speaking out after they said school faculty at Levelland High School wouldn't let them paint a mural in honor of Zane Timmons, who committed suicide in July. Zane would have been a junior this year. 

"I just want them to remember how his smile, the way he walked," said Izayah Cruz, Zane's best friend. "I want people to remember every little itty thing that's possible about him."

The junior class wanted to paint a portrait of Zane as a memorial for the annual homecoming wall decoration competition. They planned on using a photo of Zane, quotes from classmates, and some of Zane's very own artwork. 

Zane's dad, Joe Timmons, said the mural would have only been in the school for a matter of days. 

"A lot of students remember Zane being happy," said Timmons. "They like seeing his pictures, they like seeing things that remind them of him."

But when students went to start their project, the school allegedly told them they weren't allowed to decorate their wall using Zane's image. This is after the students have been planning for weeks. Zane's dad said it was okay with administration until the very last minute when they allegedly told students Zane's picture encouraged suicide.

"All of a sudden, my son's picture promotes suicide so they can't do it," said Timmons. "They told the students by putting his picture up on the wall or putting things up abut him on the wall that other students would see it and want to do it themselves."

Students were allowed to create flyers with Zane's image and quotes from classmates to pass out at homecoming to remember him. 

In the end, the students just want to remember their friend. Cruz said he was the kind of a friend everyone wanted to have and would do anything for anyone. 

"I don't want people to remember him just as some guy that's no longer here. I want them to remember him as the great person he was," Cruz said. 

EverythingLubbock.com reached out to Levelland ISD several times. We have not received any response regarding this matter. 


This article originally posted on EverythingLubbock.com

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