Locals Remember Doug Hodel

(ABILENE, TEXAS)-- Friends, family and colleagues are remembering a man who was considered the photographer who captured Abilene through his lens as no one else could.

Doug Hodel passed away Sunday. Hodel died in Tuscola doing what he loved: Taking pictures.

Those close to Hodel say they're still in shock of his passing but his legacy will live on forever.

"There was never a down day for Doug," friend and owner of Casa Authentique Yanell Rieder said.

Typically those days would start by capturing the break of day in Abilene.

"You'd get up every morning with his sunrise photos on Facebook, for those of us that don't get up so early," Rieder said.

"Over the years he found his niche as a photographer and he just captured the heart and the sould of many people and places in this area," friend and business associate Nanci Liles said.

It wasn't just sunrises that he captured. Hodel captured all of the beauty of Abilene. Liles works at the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau. Each day, a train passes by her window. Hodel caputred an image of the train and had it blown up for her. It now sits in her office each day.

From nature, to trains, to murals, Hodel captured it all. With each snapshot, he captured not only the image, but the story behind it, including the #PrayForRosie wall in Abilene.

"Well, he was the first one there to photograph the Pray for Rosie wall, and he prayed for her every day," Rieder, Rosie's grandmother, said.

"He just had a way of telling a story and seeing a story and seeing the most positive things about people and places," local artist Cal Johnson said.

As the sun sets on his time in Abilene, his legacy shines brighter than ever.

"Here's to morning coffee with Doug, because I know everybody's going to miss it," Johnson said as she took a sip of her coffee.

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