London Underground explosion at Parsons Green tube station a "terrorist incident"

LONDON, United Kingdom (CBS) - A Friday morning explosion at the Parson's Green London Underground train station caused panic and left at least 22 people injured in a bombing attack, but luckily caused no fatalities.

It quickly became clear that the attack could have been much worse, as the "improvised explosive device" used appeared to have failed, at least partially.

"Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, the senior national coordinator for CT (counter-terrorism) policing, has declared it a terrorist incident," the Metropolitan Police said in a statement about two hours after chaos erupted on a train at Parsons Green station, in the southwest part of the British capital. 

Commuters from the train posted photos on social media showing police and firefighters on the scene and describing panic as people escaped the train car and then got out of the station, which is an above-ground stop on the London Underground network, known as the tube. 

London Ambulance Service said 18 people were taken to area hospitals with injuries, but that "none are thought to be in a serious or life-threatening condition." Four other people made it to London hospitals on their own with injuries from the attack.

Many of the injuries appeared to be "flash burns," according to the London police. Others were reportedly hurt in the crush as hundreds of commuters rushed to get out of the station.

Peter Crowly, who was on the train, told BBC News shortly after the incident that he "heard a large bang from other side of the tube train" and that a "firewall" flashed above his head. He posted photos on his Twitter account showing a burn to his forehead and a patch of hair that appeared to be scorched.


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