Lubbock Uber driver held at syringe point, customer arrested

LUBBOCK, Texas ( - A Lubbock Police report said Jason Tyler Stone, 40, of Rockport was arrested and accused of attempted aggravated kidnapping. acquired a police report on Tuesday.

Police were called to 50th Street and Avenue U on Friday afternoon.  Officers were told a woman was driving for Uber when a customer “pulled a needle on her and told her to keep driving.”

Officers were given a suspect description and located Stone in an alley behind the 2000 block of 50th Street.

An officer wrote in a police report, “As I approached I observed an object in a white bag on the dumpster behind [the suspect].”

“I observed the object to be a box of syringes,” the report also said.  “[Another police officer] … observed [the suspect] attempting to throw the syringes in the dumpster and he ordered him to stop.”

Once Stone was in custody, police interviewed the victim for more details.

She said Stone requested Uber from the MCM Elegante.  She said Stone didn’t have an exact address where he wanted to go but told her he was meeting a friend in the Depot District.

She said Stone pulled out a spoon and a heroin needle.

“She told [the suspect] he could not do that in her vehicle,” the police report said.  “He leaned between the front seats and pointed the needle directly at her and told her to ‘keep driving.’”

“[The victim] advised she ‘had never been so scared in her life,’” the police report said.

Stone told her to drive to the Motel 6 at 66th Street and the Interstate.  The police report said, while she was driving he continued to point the needle at her.

Once there, he never got out.  He told her to drive to a liquor store at 50th Street and Avenue U.

There, he did get out.

The report said the Uber Driver then asked another man nearby to help her remove Stone’s luggage from her vehicle and she took off before Stone came back out of the liquor store.

Stone denied “pulling a needle” on the Uber driver but did admit he had syringes.  Police believed that Stone was not being truthful and that he really did use a needle to threaten the driver.

Stone was held Tuesday in the Lubbock County Detention Center on a $10,000 bond.

The Uber driver was shaking and scared when she talked to police but there were no mentions of injuries in the police report.

She chose not to grant an on-camera interview with our reporters but did say, “I am no longer an Uber Driver.”

She also said, “More than a few Uber drivers have let me know they are finding drugs and weapons left behind in their vehicles.” did reach out to a local Uber representative.  This story will be updated if Uber wants to comment.


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