Man who lost 200 lb to join the Army gives back

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - You may recall a story we brought to you about two weeks ago, about a man with a dream of serving his country so he lost 200 pounds.

Well, Wednesday, he was sharing his success story with others who share the same goal.

Thirty-one year-old William Guinn went from 460 pounds to 230 pounds and now he is paying it forward.

"I'm 31, these kids are 17 year old. They have a whole life ahead of them," Guinn said.

He is helping other like 23-year-old Thomas Welch, who is training for the Army.

"Get a feel of this, have fun and to prepare myself to become a soldier," Welch said.

He said he is ready to follow in his grandfather's footsteps.

"My grandfather served the Vietnam, the Desert Storm and he motivated me to join the Army," Welch said.

To make that happen, he is turning to Guinn and the Future Soldiers training to get on the right track.

"I'm just here to help him out. Just trying to motivate him and get him to lose weight to get him, to get him to where he could actually do what I'm doing," Welch said.

Staff Sergeant David Jefferies said the courses go hand in hand with Army training.

"Every team member has to complete every station and they have to help each other out before they have to go to the next station," Sgt. Jeffries said.

Guinn said he hopes the lessons they learn at the Future Soldier Training carry into their military dreams.

"I just hope the kids do what I did," Guinn said. "Just work hard and keep going."

Future Soldier Training takes place every Wednesday.

People ages 17 to 35 are welcome. Those with prior service experience who are over 35 can join as well.

If you would like more information about the Army or any of the programs, contact Staff Sergeant Jeffries ar (817) 226-8104 or  you add him on SnapChat at "SSGDJeffries".

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