Master Drainage Plan: South 27th and Treadaway

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - When it rains in Abilene, it floods.  That's why the City's Public Works Department is working on a solution.  They've highlighted ten problem areas in their Master Drainage Plan and one of those areas is the South 27th and Treadaway intersection.

According to city officials it is one of the worst flooded intersections in the city.

"And it's because Treadaway sits up so much higher than 27th," Parkhill, Smith and Cooper stormwater team leader René Franks said.

"It's not unusual to see one, two or three cars over there submerged or partially submerged to where they're not able to get out," area business owner Billy Olson said.

It's a problem that's been around for a while.

"Well as long as I can remember.  I mean I've spent a lot of years coming out to the jail and have had to go around that during rain storms," Olson said.

It causes issues for businesses in the area.

"It's hard for my employees to get in and out of the parking lot we have to wait until the water subsides," another area business owner, Fran Stone said.

"And it's bad it's pretty steady with flooded cars when it rains heavily," Olson said.

The flooding doesn't just cause problems with cars.

"In fact even our dumpster floated down Treadaway one time," Stone said.

To fix the problem city officials want to add additional storm drains along South Treadaway.

"I think maybe the best solution here is to put in a very small pipe like 24 inch that runs that whole half a mile to cedar creek but put larger pipes under the roadway and they can have grates so the water fills up one one side goes underneath and bubbles up on the other side," Franks said.

"Anything that alleviates street flooding will be beneficial for all Abilenians I think," Olson said.

This area of the plan is expected to cost about $1,000,000.  The Public Works Department will take a more finalized version of the plan to City Council at a later date.

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