Mayor Norm Archibald: A Look Back at 13 Years in Abilene

ABILENE, Texas  (KTAB) - We're less than two months away from having a new Mayor of Abilene but in the meantime Mayor Norm Archibald talks with KTAB about his 13 years leading the Key City. 

"I've been very honored to be the mayor of this great city," stated Mayor Norm Archibald.

He was elcted in 2004 and then was re-elected 3 times.

"I remember in 2014 saying I don't want to be the mayor forever," he added, "but I do want to be the mayor for the next three years as we work on water projects."

Water was at the top of his list of things he's proud of.

"We have short-term water supplies mapped out for the city and that's really, really good. We're taking our treated effluent and putting an average 7 million gallons a day back into Ft. Phantom and that's a third of a our water supply everyday," he said.

Taking it back a few years, Mayor Archibald remembers when Abilenians defended Dyess Air Force Base.

"That was a shining moment for Abilene to have people take a day off from work and travel to San Antonio to be there to support Dyess and we were made whole in that BRACC process."

Of course there was also one thing on his "wish list" that isn't complete yet but is on its way. A downtown convention center and hotel.

Mayor Archibald says he plans to continue his work with Hendrick Medical Center and will enjoy more time with his grandkids.




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