Mayoral Candidates Give Final Words Before Election

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Countless hours a week for one dollar a year. It may not sound like a sought after job, but three candidates are fighting to become Abilene's next mayor.  And they each have a different  reason why.

Richard Kennedy runs a home to help Abilenians fight addiction. He's running to represent those under represented.

"I just found our city government had gotten unresponsive to the citizens and really unaccessible to the average, very day tax payer in Abilene," said Kennedy.

While Anthony Williams has been active in city affairs for over a decade and wants to see his vision for the city of Abilene become a reality.

"I love Abilene and i really want to be a part of a group of people working together to make Abilene even better," said Williams.

Robert Briley is a businessman invested in shaping Abilene's future as a successful city.

"I've always been interested in city government. When I went to Texas Tech i have a degree in government and political science,"  said Briley.

Each candidate has unique talents to offer if elected. Robert Briley has time he wants to spend leading the key city.

"What really differentiates me from the other candidate sis the fact that i haven't worked in the day to day activities of my business since 2008.  And so I will be free, available, and focused to be a full time mayor," said Briley.

Anthony Williams wants to continue serving the city.

"I'm not running to try to win a popularity contest. I'm running because I think i have a better vision for Abilene. I think for Abilene to be all that it can be we need to all be a part of that conversation," said Williams.

And Richard Kennedy wants to make sure every Abilenians voice is heard by our local government.

"I'm just  an every day working person in Abilene that lives with the day to day problems and deal with the people who have problems on a daily basis and know it's not always easy," said Kennedy.

You'll see all three of these candidates on your ballots tomorrow on election day.

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