McAllen High School librarian will be featured on Travel Channel's 'Mysteries of the Outdoors'

MCALLEN, Texas ( - The field of paranormal research continues to grow in south Texas, so much so, that a local high school librarian was asked to share his knowledge on a national TV show.

For McAllen High School librarian, Noe Torres, his interest in UFOs began decades ago as a kid.

"My mom told me a story about an encounter she had looking up in the sky and seeing a strange object that hovered right above her head. Ever since then, I became interested in the topic,” said Torres. "I used to go everyday to the library and I use to read every book about UFOs," he added.

His many years of research and hard work prompted him to write several books on the subject.

"When I was thinking about writing a book about local cases, I was doing some research on the internet and contacted a gentleman in California named Ruben Uriarte,” said Torres. “He and I have written seven books together about UFOs, and we went on to write books about the whole United States and north Mexico region," he added.

His books caught the attention of the producers of the cable show "Mysteries of the Outdoors “, who later gave him a call to make an appearance in the show.

"They were very interested in our stories, and they wanted Ruben Uriarte and myself to go out to Big Bend National Park, which many people say is just full of electro magnetic forces and energies that are not present anywhere,” said Torres. “Ruben and I just told some of the stories from the books that we've written. It was an interesting experience filming in the dessert," he added.

His love for reading up on aliens opened up different doors for Torres, and he now shares his passion with thousands of students each year.

“I've found that students are very receptive to the idea that there is life in other worlds, and they want to find out more,” said Torres. “In order to do so, they need to... number one, read.... and number two, they can go in to the fields of science and math, and so forth to explore this topic,” he added.

Torres hopes that one day some of his students get the opportunity to be the explorers that go to Mars.

Torres will be featured on “Mysteries of the Outdoors” this Thursday at 10:30 a.m. on the Travel Channel in McAllen.


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