Murder suspect says group went to rob victim of marijuana

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Multiple murder suspects told police a plan to rob someone of marijuana led to a shooting that claimed the life of an Abilene teen, according to court documents released Tuesday. 

D'Jaman West, 19, D'Audre Hight-Ealy, 20, and Jerel Mathis, 18, were all taken into custody and charged with Murder and Aggravated Robbery the day after Bronson Boyles, 19, was shot and killed.

Court documents detailing Hight-Ealy's confession to police state that although his story changed some over the course of his interview, Hight-Ealy said multiple times that "West shot Bronson", confirming previous witness testimony. However, the documents also state West says Hight-Ealy fired the fatal shot. 

Hight-Ealy also told police that he, West, Mathis, and another party went to an apartment on the 1000 block of S. Clack Street the night of July 28, 2017, and "discussed robbing someone for marijuana", according to the documents, which state a resident in the apartment told them the "boy downstairs (Boyles) sold marijuana and that they should rob him."

The documents go on to state the group then went downstairs and after learning Boyles didn't have much marijuana, Hight-Ealy says he told the group "never mind" and that's when "West and Boyles started scuffling and then West shot him."

After the fatal shot was fired, Hight-Ealy, West, Mathis, and another party all fled the scene in Hight-Ealy's car. Mathis gave a different account, saying they all went to a different apartment after they went to Boyles' apartment, and that's where the shooting happened. 

The documents also state Hight-Ealy told detectives the he knew West had a gun and that "the whole group should all be punished for what happened to Boyles because they were planning on robbing Boyles".

Shoes Hight-Ealy admitted to wearing during the altercation with Boyles also tested positive for human blood, the documents state, and Hight-Ealy also told detectives he told others he was the one who killed Boyles, but he only did that because he was intoxicated. 

All three suspects are currently being held in the Taylor County Jail on bonds totaling at least $700,000.

In a press conference following Boyles' murder, police said they don't expect any additional arrests to be made in this case.

BigCountryHomepage will continue to provide updates Boyles murder as soon as more information becomes available. 


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