New Years Wake-Up Weather: Frigid Conditions and Skies Clearing

New Years Morning: Happy New Year!! It'll be a frigid start with lows at 9-11 degrees and wind chills will be dangerously low at -2 degrees to 0 degrees. There will be decreasing clouds and winds will be out of the North at 10-15 mph. Roads will still be very slick, so use extreme caution when driving.

New Years Afternoon: Skies will continue to clear and it'll be mostly sunny. It'll feel much warmer than yesterday, however high's will only get to 23-25 degrees. Winds will be out of the Northeast at 5-10 mph. Keep on the heavy coats, extra layers, gloves and hats. 

New Years Evening: Temperatures plummet after sunset and winds will have relaxed out of the Northeast at 5 mph. Wind chills will still be around 6 degrees throughout the overnight hours. Stay bundled up and keep the heaters on. Overnight lows will frigid at 10-12 degrees.

JANUARY  1 2018.......SUNRISE   740 AM CST   SUNSET   545 PM CST


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