Nine-year-old Christian Reyes is starting up his own business

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Nine-year-old Christian Reyes just started up his own lawn mowing  business.
"I just got started like four days ago," said Christian.
The idea of starting up this up, sparked at school.
"They are starting to learn about interest and debit cards and credit cards. He is always asking me so how do I gain interest and I told him you have to put it in a savings account and that is how you gain your interest and then you get more money," said Laci Nichols, Christian's mom.
That spark, brought the fire home.
"I got my own lawn mower from my birthday money, report cards, picking up pecans," said Christian.
After raising that money, he wanted to raise more for the future.
"Save it for college, getting a savings account for college and then after I get enough I'll get an iPhone. Do whatever I want with the money," said Christian.
Even though he only started a couple of days ago, he already knows a lot.
"The wheel is right here and when you turn it the other wheel has to be right here so you go again, same thing over here," said Christian.
While Christian is ready for some business to come in.
"I would love for them to call me," said Christian.
His mom is just proud of him.
"Makes me happy, very happy," said Laci.
Here is his Facebook page.

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