Nolan County Trooper Receives Award for Life Saving Efforts

SWEETWATER, Texas (KTAB) - A Nolan County State Trooper was honored for his heroic actions at an accident scene in December of 2016.

The crash happened in Wingate. A young woman had severe spinal injuries and Trooper Connor Hardin helped stabilize her spine until medics could get to her.

Now, thanks to his efforts, that young woman was able to walk out of the hospital.

"When we got there, it was chaos," Trooper Hardin says, referring to the December 2016 wreck.

At Sweetwater's City Council meeting Tuesday morning, Trooper Hardin was awarded a medal and letter thanking him for his heroic efforts that day.

"I'm in shock. I don't see anything I did out there was out of the ordinary," he says. "I just tried to help the best I could."

According to Trooper Hardin and Sweetwater Fire Department Chief Grant Madden, it's rare for first responders to connect with victims after an accident. But, something in Chief Madden told him to find the young woman that Trooper Hardin helped that day.

"I looked them up in the white pages," Chief Madden says. "So it was a bit of an unusual thing to actually get to talk to them later."

Although the young woman had severe spinal injuries, she was able to walk out of the hospital two days after her 23rd birthday.

"She spent 57 days in the hospital," Chief Madden says. "Due largely in part to Trooper Hardin and the work that he did, she was able to walk out of the hospital."

Trooper Hardin says he's honored to be recognized, but he's more grateful the young woman he helped is alive, and even more miraculously, walking.

"That is absolutely heavenly," he says. "I'm so glad that Chief Madden here informed me of what was going on because, like I said, the good thing about it was she couldn't feel her legs, so she couldn't feel the pain. But now to know she's walking, it's just, it's awesome."

Chief Madden credits those steps to Trooper Hardin.

"Due to she had in the back in her corner. I think she's going to be just fine and recover quickly from a major injury and a major car wreck," Chief Madden says.

"We can fix cars, we can replace cars. We can't replace people," Trooper Hardin adds.

Chief Madden says these types of awards are rarely given out.

Both he, and Trooper Hardin say they're proud of the teamwork between police, fire, and DPS in Sweetwater and Nolan County.


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