Notable Abilene resident, Gene Boone, laid to rest


GRANBURY, Texas (KRBC) - The officer credited with finding the rifle belonging to the man accused of killing President John F. Kennedy was laid to rest, Sunday.

Eugene Lawrence "Gene" Boone passed away last Saturday at 79 years old.

KRBC's Pheben Kassahun attended his funeral in Granbury, Texas and explains how Boone's life is being remembered.

Gene Boone leaves a legacy of living a charitable life.

"Dad was a unique individual. Never left one stoned unturned," Boone's middle son, James Eric Boone said.

The Granbury Church of Christ, in Granbury, Texas was filled with people remembering the late Boone.

"He was very optimistic about life and about what life brought to him and he exude that through the family," James Boone said.

Boone passed away on Saturday, October 28, 2017, due to a brief illness.

His family and friends are remembering him for his charitable work and selfless sharing of his life.

Following the assassination of John F. Kennedy the former Dallas County Deputy Sheriff moved to the Big Country in 1976 and later graduating from Abilene Christian University in 1980.

"He was with the social services department there in Abilene for a couple of years and whenever he was there, he took over Ben Richey Boys Ranch," James Boone said.

Fulfilling his passion for helping children in need.

"He was always trying to help the boys out there. He was always trying to make their lives better, trying to put that home on a more solid foundation there," James Boone said.

In 1987, Boone became the CEO and president of Foster's Home for Children in Stephenville, Texas. There, he was Glenn Newberry's mentor. Newberry is now the CEO of Foster's Home for Children, taking up after Boone.

"I got to watch him manage a home and every expanding budget of personnel and I learned the ins and outs of child care," Glenn Newberry said.

Newberry said Boone lead the home in a time of growth and maturing.

"He helped the home overcome some financial difficulties when he came. Some construction of some additional facilities while he was there and provided great leadership," Glenn Newberry said.

He left a strong legacy at the childrens' home.

"One of Gene's dreams was to establish a foundation and build long term security of the home and he did that," Glenn Newberry said.

As well as with his friends and family.

"A very unique individual, a great dad and he'll be missed," James Boone said.

Foster's Children Home for Children was very dear to Boone, as he retired after 19 years of dedicated service to youth.    

In lieu of flowers, the family said Boone's memory may be honored with a donation to Foster's Home for Children, in Stephenvile, Texas.

You mail it to P.O. Box 978, Stephenville, Texas, 76401.

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