Oil Industry Feature Film Set to Film Scenes in West Texas

BIG SPRING, Texas (Local 2/Fox 24) -- - A feature film highlighting the oil industry in the 1930s and 1940s will have several scenes shot in Big Spring and Midland, according to movie producers.

'The Iron Orchard' begins shooting in Big Spring on June 7. Various scenes will be shot inside the Hotel Settles and other historical sights in and around the town. Filmmakers say parts of the movie are also being shot across Texas in towns like Midland, San Angelo, Austin and Ackerly.

Lane Garrison plays the lead role and the film is being directed by Ty Roberts.

Producers are currently looking for extras and interns to help with shooting the movie while in Big Spring. Producers say most of these positions will be volunteer based. Producers say that shooting the movie will last through July 9. Makers of the movie expect to submit the film to various film festivals with hopes of a theatrical release nationwide.

Below is a synopsis of the 'The Iron Orchard', which is based off a 1967 award-winning fiction novel of the same name:

Set in the oil fields of Texas, The Iron Orchard is a vibrant, brutal story of the men who labored, lusted and gambled their money in search of a prize few were lucky enough to find. It is the adventure of violent men set against an uncompromising time. It is also the story of the healing love of one woman for the one man she would not lose. Told from the inside by a man who knew the oil fields intimately, the story is an authentic account of how the roustabouts lived, loved and attempted to prosper in one of America’s most dramatic industries.

If you're interested in filling an extra role or working as an intern, contact James Boisvenue at mr.edward.james@gmail.com

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