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Owner of Texas day care where baby died now faces punishment

GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) - After pleading guilty to a tampering with evidence charge last week, Holly Harrison, 38, is now facing her sentencing phase in Williamson County.

Harrison also entered a no contest plea to her charge of injury of a child. The plea means she's not accepting guilt but will accept punishment and not fight the charge. The judge can sentence Harrison anywhere between two to 10 years for the tampering charge and two to 20 years for the injury of a child charge.

Harrison ran All About Kids, an in-home day care in Georgetown where 5-month-old Brody Havins died on Jan. 13, 2016. According to an arrest affidavit, on the morning of the baby's death, Harrison said she went to wake Brody from his nap at 10:30 a.m. but found him "pale, limp and non-responsive." 

A review of the 911 tape recorded Harrison telling the dispatcher that she thought the baby had choked on his infant glove. While on the phone with the dispatcher, Harrison said she "could see a white infant glove in his mouth" and proceeded to remove it after the dispatcher directed her to do so.

An autopsy report showed the baby could not have swallowed the infant glove, because his "epiglottis was not large enough to allow it to pass," as documented in the affidavit. The doctor doing the autopsy goes on to say if the child was choking on his infant glove, "the glove would have covered his airway, and simply removing the glove from his mouth would have allowed him to breath."

Court records indicated Harrison waited approximately 14 minutes from the time she found something wrong with the baby, until the time she called 911.

On Monday morning, the court played Harrison's 911 call. The first witness called during sentencing was Craig Owen, a Georgetown firefighter and EMT. 


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