Parents Alarmed at Disciplinary Action at Madison Middle School

"There had been a fight on Thursday, which according to my daughter the staff handled beautifully," said Christina Rollins, a mother to a student at Madison Middle School.

But that altercation between two students turned into a lunch-wide address...

"My daughter came home in tears, sobbing uncontrollably due to the treatment at lunch on Friday," said Rollins.

That, she says, affected her daughter's school day.

"Had a very small time to eat, and then detained from attending 6th period, then marked tardy for being late to 6th period," said Rollins.

But what upset parents enough to call a meeting and call the school district? This video.

"She reached out, grabbed her by the arm, swung her back," said Rollins.

"It didn't seem that she was screaming, she remained calm, and then another teacher came to help restrain her," said Rollins.

Now Christina Rollins fears similar disciplinary actions could be taken against her child.

"My child is not safe there. I showed my 13-year-old daughter how to sit on the floor with her hands on her head if they laid a hand on her so they couldn't say she did something to them, and they could see she wasn't going to resist and they wouldn't hurt her," said Collins.

The bottom line for Rollins?

"It's not okay and we're not going to stand for it," said Rollins.


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