Parvo cases on the rise in parts of West Texas

ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) - A rising number of parvo cases is catching the attention of staff members at Odessa Animal Control.

According to the staff it has never been more important to vaccinate your pups like it is right now.

Because the Parvo outbreak is steadily increasing in Odessa staff members are urging the importance of getting your dogs vaccinated and sticking to the rules of what you can and can't do with your dogs.

What staff members are coming into is getting a litter of dogs and testing them for the disease. If one dog test positive for parvo more often than not the whole litter has it.

Maribel Vasquez is the shelter manager and she said even if the mom test positive for parvo the whole litter will test positive.

"That's the tricky part about parvo," said Vasquez "You can get a puppy that test positive and then a puppy that is negative but a few days later positive. It just depends on when they are shedding the virus."

Parvo will attack the immune systems of puppies and if a pup has not had all of their booster shots then they are more likely to contract this deadly virus.

Ashley Hooker is a staff member and she said to think of puppies like toddlers. Puppies have not been exposed to good germs to fight off all of the bad germs.

"They don't have the immune system like older dogs do," said Hooker. "So unfortunately they are like smaller children."

Staff members said getting booster shots can help but with the recent hot weather mixing with the rain in the Permian Basin a simple walk in the park could have your puppy catching parvo.

"They can step on a contaminated area and lick their paw," said Vasquez "Course it takes anywhere from seven to 10 days for them to start even showing signs at that point."

I am told by staff members the best thing to do is to get your puppy booster shots, and follow the instructions. Make sure your puppy is not in an open area where other animals roam.


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