Petition aims to make tacos official food of Texas

AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) — Before the battle of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution, residents of the Lone star state were enjoying the food infused with Mexican tradition; tacos.

A group gathering support from taco-lovers across the state is petitioning to have tacos become the official food of Texas. From breakfast to lunch and dinner, Texans eat tacos for every meal.

“I invite you, along with the Texas Taco Council (yeah, that’s a thing!) to sign this petition and let’s make tacos the national food of Texas y’all,” says Mando Rayo, the co-author of the book Tacos of Texas.

Rayo says tacos are more than just a tasty dish, they are rooted in tradition wrapping Texas and Mexico’s lengthy history into a tortilla. He says people should trust his judgement because he literally wrote the book on Texas tacos, Tacos of Texas. Traveling from El Paso to Houston, Rayo says tacos can be found at nearly every turn in Texas.

Even former President Barack Obama loves Texas tacos. He stopped by Austin’s top taco spot Torchy’s when he was here for SXSW in 2016.

“I ordered a Democrat [taco], but then I ordered a Republican,” said President Obama. “And an Independent because I want to give all people a proper hearing.” Obama spent a total of $18.40 on tacos plus a $20 tip.

Less than 300 names are needed to complete the petition’s goal of 1,000 signatures.

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