Petition calls for removing monument at Lubbock County courthouse

LUBBOCK, Texas ( - A petition on on Thursday called for the removal of a monument on the west side of the Lubbock County Courthouse.

The petition was titled, “Remove the confederate memorial in front of the Lubbock County Court House.”

The petition said in part, “With hate crimes and white nationalist movements on the rise around the country, we as a city must come together to make some serious symbolic strides to combat racism.”

Among those listed by name on, most were from Lubbock, but some were from out-of-town.

“The state erected that memorial in 1964,” said Commissioner Bill McCay.

Could Lubbock County take it down, or is that a decision for the State of Texas?

McCay answered, “I’m not an attorney to be able to answer that.”

McCay said one side of the memorial concerns Tom S. Lubbock after whom the county was named in 1876.

“The other side of the monument just speaks to the Civil War and Texas role in the civil war,” McCay said.

Asked if he had a preference for keeping or not keeping the memorial, McCay said, “My focus is on public safety, criminal justice, and enforcement of state and federal law.”

“We want folks to leave politics in the parking lot and not bring it here into the courthouse,” McCay said.

The original goal for the petition was 100 signatures.  It had more than 100 by Thursday afternoon.

CLICK HERE to see the petition drive. did a story on Wednesday concerning the memorial saying in part no complaints had been reported. We have since learned that at least one person did raise the issue with County Commissioners prior to the publication of our story on Wednesday. 


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