Play Faire Park is now open with new renovations

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - After 71 years of fun, a miniature overhaul wasn't going to cut it.

"We knew we needed to do something to fix it up and spruce it up," said Chris England, owner of Play Faire Park and also know as Doc. 

They started A Go Fund Me and more than $35 thousand was raised.
"It's validation, I mean I always felt the park made Abilene a better place, kids and families a place to go that is fun. The young people a good place to date, it just told me they loved it as much as we did and they were willing to put their check book behind it," said Doc.

Now, new lights are making play faire park brighter and new greens are giving way to more games of miniature golf.
"We are going to intergrade into the east side an outdoor play museum, a lot of games that kids all played forever being lost," said Doc.

Lost but never forgotten.

"Kids that came out when their parents were bringing them and now are bringing their kids," said Doc.

That tradition, bound to last another 70 years.

"The community came together one more time and supported this old park," said Doc.

He say, he too is never going to give up on Play Faire Park.

"It is one of Abilene's treasures," said Doc.

 Another surprise soon to come next to Play Faire Park. Doc will not say what it is, he will only say it's an outdoor activity and there is only one other one like it in the world.

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