A Storm's A-Brewin In West Texas: Severe weather preparations


ABILENE, Texas - A storm's a-brewin in West Texas.

When severe weather is in the area, local stores like Bible Hardware, in Abilene, make it a priority to provide people with the proper gear for severe weather.

KRBC spoke with an employee who has lived in Abilene for more than 60 years, so he has seen his fair share of bad weather.

"You never know what's coming," Larry Vaughn said.

Vaughn is a plumbing specialist at Bible Hardware in Abilene. He said he has lived in the Big Country since 1947.  He said he makes sure he and his family are always equipped with emergency gear.

"In the front of the car, I would have a couple of blankets because if you get into a bad hail storm, you never know when the glass is going to get broke, or if the weather could cause you to have a wreck, you need something to cover up if the glass is broken and you're in a hail storm. I've been in that situation," Vaughn said.

Vaughn said what most people tend to forget are their pets and putting them in a safe and secure place, and away from all of the noise.

"I would always have a good flashlight, with fresh batteries in it. It wouldn't hurt to have a tarp and a special water. Any kind of weather-resistant clothing," he said.

If you are ever trapped in your car when the weather gets bad Vaugn said it is important to have one thing:

"A hammer to break the windows because if you got electric windows, the power's out and you can't lower them, you've got to get out somehow", he said.

Regardless, Vaughn said not to let curiosity get the best of you.

"If you hear the wind and it scares you, go to an inside room. Don't go look at the window and see what's going on. You'll find out later," he said.

According to FEMA, it only takes six inches of water for most cars to lose control in a flood. So, always, turn around and don't drown.

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