Press conference regarding the Niblo murder investigation

It's been about 7 months since the Niblo murder, in that time police have only publicly named one of their suspects, Luke Sweetser, something his lawyer is not pleased about.

"Because my client has been publicly named as the only suspect in the case, people think, 'well he must be the one that did it," stated Lynn Ingalsbe, Sweetser's lawyer.

Today, to provide an update on the ongoing investigation and to respond to Ingalsbe, the police held a press conference.

"We have devoted hundreds and hundreds of man hours to this investigation and we will continue vigorously investigate this case as we do every murder case," commented Detective Willie Ford, of the APD.

In regards as to why no other names or evidence have been released police stated, "We must emphasize that the investigation is ongoing, and it is not prudent to release evidentiary information as it could compromise our case."

Police informed KRBC that they have obtained evidence to further the case, but not enough to make an arrest.

"I believe it goes without saying that at the moment we do not have sufficient information to charge anyone with the murder of Mr. Niblo at this time," finished the detective. 

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