"Problem house" in south Abilene could soon be demolished

ABILENE, TX  (KTAB) - Some south Abilene residents hope a home in their neighborhood will soon be demolished.

It's caused headaches for people nearby and attracted crime, but before their dream can become a reality, some legalities need to be taken care of first.

"It has to meet certain criteria," explained Chief Building Official Tim Littlejohn. "If it has structural damage where it could cave in or be harmful to the occupants or others."

With several complaints from neighbors in the area, the City of Abilene inspected the home and found enough evidence for it to be condemned.

The crime coming from the house at 1257 Jeanette St. was also a concern for those living nearby.

"I've seen people come and go a lot and a of police being there," stated Tiffany Noetzold.

In fact, according to the Abilene Police Department, they've responded to this address 39 times in the year 2016.

"It's a nightmare for all the neighbors," Officer Aaron Langham said, "and everybody else that's having to deal with it."

Officer Langham, along with members of the city who inspected this home showed up to a public hearing in front of the Board of Building Standards who ultimately decide what will happen with this property.

Officials with the city say multiple attempts were made in finding the owner.

The original homeowner of the property died a few years back leaving only those he allowed to live with him to stay in the house and with no one coming forward at the meeting to fight for the house, it was decided the house must be demolished.

The heirs to the property must do so in 30 days or the city may demolish it.






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