Protect your eyes properly from the eclipse

With the solar eclipse less than 24 hours away, it is important to take proper precautions with eyewear while viewing the eclipse.

"When people think of the eclipse they think you know it's covering the sun so it's safe to look at which is the furthest thing from the truth," said Optometrist Michael Shanks.

"The sun is very damaging to the eyes; it can there's chemical reaction that goes on with the retina and basically it can burn the retina and you can have vision loss from slight vision loss to permanent vision loss," said Shanks.

Doctor Shanks said there are several safe ways in which you can view the eclipse: by proper protective sunglasses as well as making a homemade "pinhole" camera.

"You can make this at home, you can make, it's a craft you can make at home and um, you know basically with some cardboard and some foil and stuff like that and you can view it safely that way," said Shanks.

Make sure you are properly equipt before the eclipse begins tomorrow afternoon.

"UV rays that are coming from the sun you know are, are gonna, damage the eyes, damage the eyes, can cause like I said anywhere from slight blindness to permanent blindness," said Shanks.

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