Public Haus Moves for New Music Venue

Abilene, Texas (KRBC)-It takes detail and a recipe to craft the perfect cocktail. It also takes those things to make a successful business. Public Haus has combined craft cocktails and a discreet location to serve up a popular business but that business is making a change.

"The business will stay the same, the cocktails will stay the same, the beer, the wine. Everything is going to stay the same, it'll just be a new location," said Public Haus owner Jimbo Jackson.

A location change due to new ownership that the building is currently located in.

"The building that we're currently in has sold  to a new owner who has a lot of plans for it. Unfortunately, that doesn't include us so we are going to be moving Public Haus to a new location," said Jackson.

Enter Sam Wolfe, the owner of the Neon Parrot Lounge who has a recipe to create another successful business.

"Right now we're a live music venue in downtown Abilene and we've become known for our quality performance space so our hopes are to expand on that and make the business a little better," said Sam Wolfe.

Wolfe has purchased the building his lounge is in, as well as the building next door and the building behind the lounge, which is where Public Haus is currently located.

"So we're going to expand into the building next door and remodel and put our stage over there and redo our bar and so we'll have twice the size but we're not really aiming at high capacity,  we're really kind of staying focused on the intimate feel," said Wolfe.

What does Wolfe want to serve up when the remodeling is complete?

"Quality entertainment, bringing in new artists, bringing in better artists, bringing in comedians and other art forms that haven't had a place to perform really here in Abilene," said Wolfe.

As for Public Haus, they'll still be serving up their signature drinks.

"Obviously it's going to be downtown, we love downtown and it's going to be within a block of Abi Haus as well," said Jackson.

The exact location just hasn't been determined.

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