Rattlesnake Roundup Caps Amount of Snakes to 7500 Pounds

After Last Years Surplus, This Year Jaycee's Decide to Put a Limit

SWEETWATER, Texas (KRBC)- Skinning, eating and rattling, this weekend was filled with pounds of snakes and guests from all around the world!

According to the Jaycee's, the 59th Annual Rattlesnake Roundup was a success.

"Our crowds were at average, or slightly above average, overall it was a very good weekend." Said Ted Thomas, who has been part of the Jaycee's for over 30 years.

Last year they had a record breaking 25,000 pounds of snakes, but this year they decided to put a cap on how many they would take.

"We're just right at 7,500 pounds and we set a limit on that this year because we had too many last year." Said Thomas.

Apparently, they met their limit pretty early on Friday, which leaves more rattlesnakes slithering around the Big Country.

"You bet they are still around!" Explained Thomas.

But that didn't stop guests from all around the world to see the "World's Largest Rattlesnake Roundup!

Guests traveled as far as Montreal and Brazil to try a taste of fried rattlesnake or even hunt a few.

"The guided tours were all filled up and they caught up to 30 per group." Explained Scott Cagle, also a Jaycee.

The infamous "Snake Eating Contest" was also a huge hit.

Both Miss Texas and Miss Snake Charmer 2017, had a taste of their own fried snake, as well as a dozen other brave guests.

Although eating snake and watching Jaycee's milk the venom out of the deadly creatures may seem fun, the whole idea behind the event is to inform the community about the slithering snakes.

"Of course the main reason for this event is to educate the community and we had a lot of school kids come through this year, we just want everyone to kind of know that it's all about safety and education!" Continued Thomas.

Next year they are hoping to see an even bigger crowd, especially since it will be the 60th anniversary.

"It keeps getting bigger and better and we try to find ways to improve it." Added Thomas.

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