Remembering Jennifer Servo 15 years later

In 2002 Jennifer Servo, a good spirited reporter for KRBC, was killed. 

"A lot of times she would make fun, report fun stuff for the news," commented Sherry Abel, Jennifer's mother. 

Jennifer was killed just a few months after starting to work at KRBC. 

On September 16th, 2002, Jennifer hadn't yet shown up for work, her coworkers were worried, and then a call came in on the police scanner asking for a justice of the peace to come to the apartment complex where Jennifer lived.

"And it was shortly after that that we heard the police call out possible DOA," commented Taylor County Judge Downing Bolls, who was an anchor for KRBC at the time.

Judge Bolls remembers it all vividly and says it changed him and everyone in the station.

"For the first time I saw what it was like to be the family or friend of a murder victim. It's an incredibly tragic thing when you see the emotional scars that are left behind," he continued. 

Fast forwarding to 2017, Sherry Abel hopes everyone remembers her daughter Jennifer the same way she does.

"Just her sweet self, she was fun loving. We just miss her so much," stated Sherry. 

And even though it's been 15 years, leaving more questions than answers, Mrs. Abel still knows that this case will someday be closed.

"I do believe that it will be solved."

She hopes that either someone with information will finally come forward, "Or the killer himself will come forward and confess, and that's what I'm hoping for," she finished. 



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