Ride Service Soon to Hit Eastland County

Retired Couple Hopes to Start Ride Service in Eastland County

EASTLAND, Texas (KRBC)-Due to the lack of taxis and rental cars in the area, a retired couple from Eastland County decided to put their heads together and form their very own "ride service" called T & T Rides.

Apparently, being stranded on the side of the road is more common in Eastland County then many think, according to the Joan and Raymond Threet.

After Mr. Threet helped a lady from Baton Rouge, who's car was side swiped, drive all the way to Big Spring, he thought, why not start a ride service to help those who are stranded.

"The lady called a taxi service in Abilene and to get from here to there it was $500, which is way too high!" Said Threet.

So he drove her there himself. 

"We just want to help people if they need a ride." Said Joan Threet, who works at the local food pantry in Eastland.

Luckily, he does have over 25 years of driving under his belt due to his previous career of being a truck driver.

"I was in the trucking business and drove cross-country, she drove cross-country, we know how to talk to people and handle things", said Mr. Threet.

The couple said they have already contacted the City of Ranger and apparently have the "go ahead" to start giving rides.

"We already have business cards out there, so people know!" Said Mr. Threet.

They hope to get the City of Eastland and Cisco get on board as well.

"Mr. Threet is coming to speak in front of all of us at our meeting Monday, so after we hear his plan, we will make a decision", said City Manager, Ron Duncan.

The Threet's seem to be very well liked in the community, so of course everyone is for their ride service.

"We lived here for years, my husband worked for the City, he was a volunteer firefighter and our son went to school here and graduated here. We are also involved around the town at Church and other places." Explained Mrs. Threet.

And Ron Duncan told KRBC that they are a very nice couple and is looking forward to hearing about their business on Monday.

To use their services, there will of course be a flat rate for those who live in the area, but the couple has yet to decide how much they will charge.


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