Road projects everywhere in Abilene

There are road projects here, there, and everywhere inside of Abilene.  

On the northeast side of Abilene, work on the highway 351 overpass is progressing. TxDOT expects to finish in Spring of 2018.

On the south side of town, work on the South Clack, South 27th intersection is moving forward with work expected to finish in November.

Just starting up is a rehab and expansion project on the Martin Luther King Junior bridge. This project is expected to finish in March of next year.

"We just want to make sure that drivers, at that project get's started, they watch out for those detours and closures," commented Mary Belle Turner, public information officer for TxDOT. 

With all this construction it's imperative to have some coordination, which is where the Abilene Metropolitan Organization comes in.

"Coordinated effort is really important, so that everyone knows what everyone is working on," commented E'lisa Smetana. 

Under the MPO's advisement TxDOT and the city of Abilene continue to work on projects without bumping into each other.

The city just wrapped up reconstruction on Hardwick Road and continue to work on Ambler.


If you find yourself wondering why all these major construction projects are occurring at overlapping times, there's a long explanation.

It involves several long lists, a 25, 10, and 4 year plan, more lists, and great many meetings, but it ultimately comes down to timing.

"We have to use the funding as it becomes available, so when a project is let for construction, we have to go ahead and use that funding at that time," finished Turner. 

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