Rosie Beats Cancer

Today marked the end of an ordeal that started in 2016 on Rosie Evan's 4th birthday.

"In August of last year our daughter was diagnosed with Whilms tumor," commented Allicyn Evans.

The cancer was in its 5th stage and was determined to be attacking her lungs and kidneys.

"And the next day we're going to the hospital and the next day I'm giving my child medicine that makes them feel bad," she continued.

With things changing drastically for the family, they reached out to the community for help and were blown away at the response.

"It was awesome, humbling and overwhelming," commented Ted Evans.

After months of treatment and surgery, Rosie was given a clean bill of health.

"So from August to now it has been a miraculous change," stated Allicyn.

A change which has prompted smiles, hugs and, "Happy tears," she finished.

Now that's she's all better, Rosie can go back to just dealing with kid stuff.

"She's going back to being a normal girl and she gets to go to school again.

Before I left, Rosie let me know that she had won.

"I kicked cancer in the butt," stated Rosie.

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